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I'm having problems gathering information on, or ancestors of, the following people. If you happen to know anything about them - or even suggestions on where I can look, it would be most appreciated.

Michael Voegele

Michael is one of my great-great-great-grandfathers. I believe he was born in Wuerttemberg, Germany, on 21 December 1762, and died in Glukstal, Russia, on 29 June 1841. I think he was married twice - the first marriage, to a currently unknown woman, produced three children. The second marriage, to Charlotta (?) in about 1814, produced 5 children - one of whom was my great-great-grandfather, Johann.

I have reason to believe that Michael actually helped lead some of the German's to their new homes in the Glukstal region of Russia.

I'm most interested in discovering something about Michael's parents in Wuerttemberg, Germany.

Henry Arnst

Henry is one of my great-grandfathers. I believe he was born in Russia on 6 June 1870, and died in Dupuyer, Montana, on 4 July 1930. He was married to Mary Margaret Schroeder, and they immigrated, along with their first son, Henry, through Ellis Island on 25 November 1898. In total Henry and Mary had 7 children, though one died young.

After landing in New York they spent a few years in Nebraska, as at least two children were born there - in 1899 and 1900. After Nebraska they moved to Ritzville, Washington, where at least two more children were born - in 1903 and 1906. As of the 1910 Federal Census the family was in Choteau County, Montana.

The Arnst's, like the Voegele's, are German's who relocated to Russia before finally immigrating to the United States. That often makes tracing the ancestry difficult, as records are harder to obtain, and often the families go through name changes - both given and surnames.

As such, I've hit dead-ends while trying to find out anything regarding Henry's parents. I can find a Henry Jacob Arnst and Suzane Margaret (Stumpf) Arnst who lived in Russia and had 5 children - one of whom was named Henry. Henry Sr. and Suzane made the same migration to the US, Nebraska, and Washington, so I believe they're all related. However, I can't be certain that Henry Jacob is my great-grandfather Henry's dad.

Anyone have any additional information on the Arnst's that may shed light on this?

Samuel Graves

Samuel is my...well, let's put it this way. If I'm generation 1, Samuel is generation 12! There are a lot of "great's" before the word grandfather when talking about Samuel.

It's believed he was born around 1594, married, and had three sons (Thomas, Mark, and Samuel) - all in England. He then immigrated to the States around 1630 and settled in Massachusetts.

I'm obviously interested in filling in the holes with Samuel - exact birth, marriage, immigration, etc. However, I'm also interested in finding his ancestors. Like the Arnst's and Voegele's, I believe there is a name change involved - possible to 'Greaves', or 'de la Greves', or 'de la Grevis'. I've actually seen some genealogical pedigree's online that trace Samuel's ancestry back to about 1216. If anyone has information and possibly even sources for that lineage I'd appreciate it.

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